Syllabus Detail

  • Convergence technologies, including continued development of mobile devices. 12 ATAR 


What is it?

  • To converge means to meet at a point
  • Convergence is the act of meeting at a point
  • In technology, this means that products converge when they evolve to perform similar tasks
  • An example of convergence in technology is a smartphone capable of taking photos (camera + phone = camera phone)


Why is it important?

  • As technology evolves, more and more features and tasks need to be addressed
  • Instead of creating individual devices for each of these tasks, we can create one device to perform multiple
  • Convenience is priority, a smartphone is capable of handling the tasks of a camera, telephone and a computer (to an extent)


Mobile devices & convergence

  • As mentioned, convenience is a large factor in convergence
  • The ability to carry a single pocket-sized device with the capability of 4 devices is highly sought after in today's world
  • Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are very good at handling these types of tasks that are common in other devices
    • Such as: taking photos, browsing the Internet, playing games, taking notes, taking calls & messaging, viewing emails, etc.
  • Smart Watches and TVs are the latest in technological convergence, the former allowing for these functions from your own wearable device


Example of technological convergence

Source: (Mediachs)


Further Research

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