Syllabus Detail

  • Word processing common formatting functions. 11 GEN


Step 1 - Background

  • Word processing has been around for decades now. There are many people who do not know how to use the most basic functions yet.

     Ref: Uk fine example to start


Step 2 - Vocabulary


Step 3 - Summary of Main Points

  • Create/Save Documents
  • Use document template
  • Format text; bold, italic, underline, font face, font size, font colour
  • Paragraph alignment; left, centre, right, justify
  • Search and replace with different text
  • Spell check; correct errors, understand names are not errors.
  • Adjust page layout.
  • Open and view different toolbars
  • Open and switch between different documents
  • Insert headers and footers different examples for each
  • Save file in a different format eg pdf
  • Tables; insert table; delete and insert rows and columns.
  • Insert images; modify to position and resize
  • Print documents; preview mode, print.


Step 4 - The Detail


Step 5 - Further Research



Step 6 - Worksheet and Practice (yet to be added)



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