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  • Purpose of IP in developing ICT Systems. 12 ATAR


What is Intellectual Property (IP)?

  • Intellect property is a term that refers to creations of the mind
  • This can include inventions, literary and artistic work, designs, symbols, and even names and images used in business
  • IP is protected by law through patents, copyrights and trademarks


What is the purpose of IP in ICT?

  • IP is essential in protecting original ideas and creations
  • New ideas arise daily in the ICT business
  • IP allows us to protect these ideas by law and gain compensation if our creations are stolen


How do I protect my work?

  • Copyright = this is applied by default when work is created
  • Patent = this is an issued right for an invention that allows the creator to commercially exploit the invention for the life of the patent
  • Trademark = this is a unique symbol or logo that differentiates your product or service from others


Further Research

  1. Check out Copyright laws here
  2. Check out the World Intellectual Property Organization here


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