Syllabus Detail

  • The purpose of database documentation for the user. 11 ATAR, 12 GEN, 12 ATAR


  • Documentation can be of several types.
    • Design and planning documentation when creating the database
    • End user documentation
  • We focus on the end user for this webpage.

 Purpose of Database Documentation

The purpose of the database documentation is to help the person who is using the database.

Source of the Documentation

Documentation can be made by the creator of the database or a community that supports the database. eg openoffice database

  • made by the company that made the database
    • User guides eg libreoffice base here
    • Helpful hints can be added using labels
      • A form can have text to help the user inputting data
        • This can be a label on the actual form
        • This can also be hover text which is displayed when hovering the mouse over a field.
  • made by a community to support the database
  • made by professionals
    • Professional Support by Database Developers eg here


 Learn more from wikipedia (documentation),

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