Syllabus Detail

  • purpose of benchmarking to determine system performance; software, hardware and operating system 12 ATAR



Benchmark originates from ...

  • bench = you put the test item on the work bench.
  • mark = what result the item received.
  • Other uses; a benchmark price is a reference point for setting a price, a benchmark in surveying is a point of reference for a measurement for a block of land.
  • Computer system performance = how well the computer is going for the resources it has got.
  • Software benchmarks = test results for the applications used in computing.
  • Hardware benchmarks = test results for hardware items in computing. This is the most common.
  • Operating system benchmarks = test results for how well the operating system performs compared to other operating systems.
  • Benchmarking = the act of conducting tests to measure performance of parts within a computer system.


What is it?

  • Benchmarking, testing to measure hardware and/or software performance.
  • Benchmarking = measurement testing.
  • Benchmarking = testing for software, operating systems and most commonly hardware items.
  • A benchmark is a test result for a product.


 Why do it? or How do we use it?

  • Benchmarking = public see a comparison of similar products. 
  • Benchmarking = also used by individuals to test their own computers.
  • Companies = test products compared to other similar products.


Further Research

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  2. OS benchmarking here
  3. Game benchmarking here
  4. Software benchmarking eg database here 
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