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  • Simple functions lookup, vLookup and hLookup  11 ATAR


  • lookup tables help us find data in tables
  • in the old days, to find the price of a car part from a car part shop, the dude had to look up a book to find the price.
    • open the book
    • find your car model
    • find the car part
    • look across on the page for the column that had the cost
    • when the price changed, they had to bring out a new book. hmm not the best system.
  • nowadays, the same information can be found in a spreadsheet or database
    • yes it can be updated easier as well.



  • Download the attached spreadsheet which takes you through vLookups.



  • Use this link to learn
  • Try to make our own hLookup of their example for the vegetable table.
  • Try to do the vegetable example with the drop down list too.

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