Syllabus Detail

  • Structure of data warehouses and data marts. 12 ATAR

  • Role of data mining. 12 ATAR

  • Compare data warehouses and data marts as methods of storage and distribution. 12 ATAR


Structure of Data Warehouse

  • A data warehouse is a database or collection of databases that ARE updated (edited 5/617).

  • This data is stored for many years.
  • The word warehouse is chosen to give the impression of a 'large' area.
  • This database or these databases can reside on one server for a company.
  • Or it can be on several servers for that company.
  • The overall goal of this 'data warehouse' is to store data over a period of time, which is used in data mining.

The Role of Data Mining

  • Data mining is used by business.

  • They use it find trends which can assist sales, promotions and marketing.
  • The use it to identify future planning for the company

Structure of a Data Mart

  • A data mart is a small data warehouse usually with data for just one area.

  • It is still a database on a server. 
  • It is queried by Data Mining software to get valuable trends in data for a company.

As Methods of Storage and Distribution

  • (please note this section needs confirmation for accuracy)
  • The storage of data warehouses and marts are on servers.

  • The distribution occurs by software that analyses the information in the databases.
  • There are 100s of these that provide reports offering recommendations for the company based on the query.
  • In 2017, these were the top 34 data analysis software. (courtesy of Predictive analytics Today)


Further Research

See this page for more details on Data Warehouses and Data Marts.

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