Syllabus Detail

  •  Data gathering techniques used in the SDLC, including; observation, questionnaire, interview, sample forms, sampling work. 12 ATAR 



  • We need to gather specific information when applying the SDLC
  • For new systems, we need in-depth info on how the system should work, along with the outcomes
  • For upgrading old systems, we need to assess how the current system works before planning changes


What techniques can we use?

  • Observation = when we simply look at the existing system and take notes on how it functions
  • Questionnaires = we can create surveys or questionnaires to give to users of the system to get some real time feedback and information regarding the system
  • Interview = we can also interview existing users to examine their knowledge of the current system, and also to gather feedback on potential changes or upgrades
  • Sample Forms = we can create forms to get information from current users, similar to surveys and questionnaires
  • Sampling Work = also known as studying documentation, we can simply take existing documents and work and write notes based off the information provided


Further Research

  1. Create free surveys with SurveyMonkey here


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