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  • Concept of fetch-execute cycle. 11 ATAR, 12 GEN
  • Purpose and stages (fetch, decode, execute, store) of fetch-execute cycle. 12 ATAR



What is the fetch-execute cycle and why do we need it?

  • Also known as the instruction cycle, the fetch-execute cycle is the basic operation cycle of a computer
  • It's the process in which a computer receives information (data) and determines what to do with said data
  • This cycle is run continuously by the central processing unit (CPU)
  • The process follows four phases: fetch, decode, execute and store
  • Read The Computing Teacher's article on the Central Processing Unit here


Which parts in the CPU complete the fetch-execute cycle?

  • Three main parts inside the CPU that do this are; the registers, the control unit and the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

1. Fetch

  • The CPU collects an instruction and prepares it for decoding
    • The instruction is collected from a memory location.


2. Decode

  • The decoder in the control unit works out (decodes) what to do with  the instruction
    • Each CPU is designed to understand a specific set of commands
    • These commands are referred to as the instruction set
    • These instruction sets work by providing the CPU with machine code (hexadecimal or binary instructions)


3. Execute

  • The Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)  then executes the decoded instructions
    • These instructions can be arithmetic (manipulation of numbers) or logical processes
    • The data from the fetch phase of the cycle is manipulated according to the instructions received from the program
    • All the steps above can be seen as prerequisites for the execute phase


4. Store

  • Send and write the results back in main memory.
    • The newly processed data is then passed back in to memory fresh from its processing via the data bus. The data can be re-submitted for further processing or be used for a practical use, such as reporting and other outputs. (See: The Computing Teacher's article on the Flow of Data).


More explanation (see attached)

Further Research

  1. Wikipedia has a very good article here.
  2. The Fetch Execute Cycle learning and test at BBC Bitesize
  3. The CPU and the Fetch Execute Cycle by BBC here

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