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  • Data security 12 ATAR


  • Data security refers to protecting data (or information) from unwanted or unauthorized actions from potentially harmful users
  • This applies to computer access, databases and all types of personal information
  • Data security is an integral part of the IT industry as it helps to ensure the security and privacy of sensitive information


Why do we need to secure our data?

  • Data security is essential to protect privacy of individuals
  • It is also essential to protect intellectual property of individuals, businesses or governement
  • Data is very attractive to criminals as data theft can lead to bank fraud or other illegal financial gain
  • Data security can also help to prevent malicious attacks on a computer system
  • To use the security practice of restoring from back ups to retrieve data when corruption occurs


Tips for securing data

  • Place data servers in locked rooms to prevent physical access and theft
  • Use strong passwords on network devices to prevent access to data
  • Physically lock away any sensitive information on an external drive
  • Enable a firewall and restrictions on Internet access
  • Use an anti-malware program such as MalwareBytes and ensure it is up to date
  • Use an anti-virus program and ensure it is up to date
  • Secure your WiFi network with a passphrase to ensure no unauthorized access to your local network
  • Activate password protection for devices to lock out unwanted guests
  • Regularly backup data to separate devices and store off site with password protected copies


Further Research

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