Syllabus Detail

  • Database interface and design within database systems (readability, navigation, logical order, inclusivity). 11 ATAR, 12 GEN, 12 ATAR


  • Use words on the user interface that people can understand
  • Technical language will turn people off.
  • Short, sharp and to the point but effective.



  • Navigation is logical and easy to follow
  • Naming of menus is logical
  • People expect to see particular navigation, show them normal navigation
  • Provide tabs, menus in predictable places
  • Provide focus for the most important item on the page/screen
  • Provide alternative pathways, not just one pathway in and one pathway out
  • Image navigation icons need to be able to work literally at the slide of a finger. Too small and it won't work
  • Text hyperlinks too close together because of small font size can cause navigation problems

Logical Order

  • A clear and understandable interface is the goal
  • Order items in the order in which people are going to use them
  • Put first things up front and in the expected place
  • Put yourself in the position of the person wanting to use this database, apply order to what they would expect


  • Can all people use this software
  • Does it meet user friendly requirements regardless of
    • culture
    • language
  • Design it so it has maximum use by the people
  • If people find it difficult to use, it won't be used very often.
  • Design it with the end user in mind. All end users is the focus for inclusivity.

Further Research

  1. Apple design tips  here
  2. Nintendo UI design here on Youtube
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