Syllabus Detail

  • Data entry using forms. 11 GEN


  • Forms are commonly used for entering information into a database
  • They're graphical user interfaces with command buttons and text boxes capable of entering, manipulating and even deleting data
  • Forms are the preferred method of data entry due to their graphical nature and ease of use


Example of a Form


  • Each set of information brought up belongs to a database record (row)
  • Forms refer to database columns in the form of textboxes
  • The textboxes present the data for existing fields, and act as entry points for new additions
  • The buttons down the bottom allow for navigating through records
  • Information written in the textboxes next to each label are saved as the column (or field) value


Further Research

  • Forms, queries and reports by GCF LearnFree here
  • Database basics by Microsoft here


Worksheet and Practice (yet to be added)

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