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  • Role for open systems in database interconnectivity and the development and management in data driven websites 12 ATAR



  • In order to link to a website that provides a database it needs a system of connectivity.
  • This connectivity is a special program called an Application Program Interface or API.


Database Connectivity

  • Picture 2 components here; you on the internet and a database on a computer.
  • To get to that database it needs to made available on the internet.
  • It can only be made available on the internet by using a special type of software called an API as mentioned above.
  • It can also be made available by using Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) software.
  • The API or ODBC make the connection of database to the internet happen.


Development and Management in Data Driven Websites

  • A data driven website is the opposite of a static website that doesn't change.
  • It is always changing.
  • Why?
  • This is because a data driven website is used by eBusiness.
  • Online businesses are examples of this.
  • They want to update the items sold on the website.
  • They want to update the prices on the website.
  • How are these developed and managed?
  • Personal are employed to create the website.
  • Personal are employed to update all aspects of the site.
  • Personal are employed to secure the website.
  • There are web companies that can make data driven websites eg for pharmacy HERE
  • Management of these websites is sofware focussed.
  • Software is used to analyase the data and return reports that provide guidance on clever business decisions.
  • Online businesses and other successful large businesses are using reports to beome even more successful.


Further Research

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