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  • Data manipulation. 12 ATAR


  • To manipulate data means to change or process information
  • Data can be manipulated in order to make it easier to read, to organize certain elements or to change the information completely
  • The manipulation of data is common in applications such as websites, where data is concurrently being selected and updated, or even inserted or deleted
  • Data manipulation langauges (DML's) such as SQL are utilised to manipulate data from sources such as databases


Common DML Commands

  • SELECT: This command is used to ouput a list of rows (or record) from a database.
    • Syntax: SELECT [x] FROM [y] WHERE [z]
  • UPDATE: This command is used to alter the data from one or more tables.
    • Syntax: UPDATE [x] SET [y] WHERE [z]
  • INSERT: This command is used to add one or more entries to a database table.
    • Syntax: INSERT INTO [x] [y] VALUES [z]
  • DELETE: This command removes one or more entries from a database table depending on the conditions.
    • Syntax: DELETE FROM [y] WHERE [z]


Further Research

  • Read more about Data Manipulation Languages here
  • View from common DML commands from Microsoft here


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