Syllabus Detail

  • Network types; client/server, peer to peer, PAN, LAN, WAN, WiMAX, Wireless, Star topology

Client / Server

  • Client computers are connected to the main server.
  • The server gives resources to the clients.
  • Resources like the internet, printers, online banking and lots more
  • In business its used to share resources within the business.
  • Need hardware like switches to connect computers (clients) to the server.
  • More from wikipedia

Peer to Peer

  • Computers connected together without a server.
  • Each computer is called a peer.
  • Used to share resources and information.
  • Users need to logon to each computer to get the information from that computer.
  • BitTorrent is a common example of file sharing on the internet
  • More about peer to peer from P2educaiion

Personal Area Network (PAN)

  • A very small network. 
  • Includes wired or wireless.
  • eg bluetooth, USB connectivity.
  • PAN can be using a wireless headset to listen to music.

Local Area Network (LAN)

  • Is a common network used in business and schools.
  • It can have server/servers and many clients.
  • Common LANs are connect by ethernet, with small runs of fibre optic
  • Some homes have 2 or 3 devices connected, this is a small LAN
  • Some schools/businesses have up to 2000 computers, this is a large LAN

Wide Area Network (WAN)

  • Is a network that covers a large area.
  • The largest WAN is the internet.
  • A large bank with national branches connected together would be a WAN.
  • International corporations would use a WAN to join their offices together from country to country.

Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX)

  • Provides high speed wireless broadband. 
  • Is wireless technology on frequencies 2-11 Ghz 
  • Is built to the IEEE 802.16 standard
  • Is wireless that is scalable
  • Can connect wireless hotspots to the internet.
  • More from wikipedia

Wireless (PAN, LAN, WAN)

  • A wireless network uses wireless connections to link to a wired network.
  • Wireless points use an antenna to send and receive data
  • PAN wireless, most common is bluetooth. eg Using a wireless headset
  • LAN wireless, uses WAPs to bring the wireless signals into the wired network.
  • WAN wireless, smart phones are examples of this use of technology.
  • WAN wireless, laptops can use wireless WAN cards to access service provider services.

Star Topology

  • This is a local area network (LAN) where computers are connected, by wire to a central point (usually a switch).
  • Each computer has wire from the back of the computer that goes into the front of the switch.
  • More from google images here


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