Managing Data

Data storage, data types, graphical data, data/information, database data, graphical data.

Category Map Managing Data


Data - Anomolies

including: insert, delete and update  12 ATAR



Data - Data Integrity

referential, domain, and entity integrity  12 GEN, 11 ATAR, 12 ATAR


Data - Data Management Techniques  

Managing Data storage using files and folders 11GEN


Data - Data Modelling

using Chen's notation ER diagrams 11 ATAR , 12 ATAR


Data - Data Protection Methods  

encryption 12 GEN, 11 ATAR

authentication 12 GEN, 11 ATAR


Data - Data Types  

number, date, currency, text/string, Boolean 12 GEN, 11 ATAR


Data - Data Warehouse, Data Marts, Data Mining  

structures 12 ATAR

role of data mining 12 ATAR

compare DW and DM as data storage and distribution 12 ATAR


Data - Validation Rules 

purpose and types 12 ATAR



Database - Data Dictionary   

purpose 12 ATAR

elements  12 ATAR


Database - Documentation  

purpose for the user 12 GEN, 11 ATAR, 12 ATAR


Database - Interface and Nav  Design 

within database systems 12 GEN, 11 ATAR, 12 ATAR


Database - Features of Database Software  

components of a single table database  11GEN

data entry forms  11GEN

simple search techniques  11GEN

create a simple query  11GEN

simple data types  11GEN


Database - Types of Databases

distributed, centralised 12 ATAR

online, local 12 ATAR


Ethical and Legal Issues 

ethics in storage of personal data  11GEN

relating to personal use and storage of data 12 GEN, 11 ATAR, 12 ATAR

information about individuals kept by organisations 12 GEN, 11 ATAR

use of online databases 12 GEN

of data warehouses, marts and mining 12 ATAR

impact of privacy laws on storage and distribution of data 12 ATAR

disposal of personal data 12 ATAR


Features of Spreadsheet Software  

spreadsheet terms cell, formula, label etc 12 GEN

spreadsheet terms lookup tables 11 ATAR

simple functions  11GEN

simple formulae   11GEN


Features of Word Processing Software  

common formatting functions  11GEN


RDBMS - Key Types in a Relational Database

primary, composite and foreign keys 12 ATAR


RDBMS Normalisation 

Overview 12 ATAR

to 3rd normal form 12 ATAR


RDBMS - Resolving M:N relationships  

purpose 12 ATAR

how to resolve them 12 ATAR


RDBMS - Cardinality  

1:1, 1:M, M:1, M:N 12 ATAR


Theory - Other Data Concepts  

data definition  12 ATAR

data duplication  12 ATAR

data redundancy  12 GEN, 11 ATAR, 12 ATAR

data manipulation  12 ATAR

data security  12 ATAR


THEORY - Hierarchical Structure of Data  

character/byte, field, record, table/relation 12 GEN, 11 ATAR



THEORY - Open Systems in Database interconnectivity

role for open systems in database interconnectivity 12 ATAR

development and management in data driven websites 12 ATAR


SKILLS - Apply Simple Control Structures 

including IF statements and calculations 12 ATAR




insert, update and select queries (up to two tables) 12 ATAR