Syllabus Detail

  • purpose, role of the SOE. 11 ATAR, 12 GEN 
  • advantages and disadvantages of an SOE. 12 ATAR 



  • A standard operating environment (or commonly referred to as an SOE) is a standard setup of a computer's operating system and its related software programs and hardware devices.


  • standard is something used or accepted as normal or average.
  • Operating refers to how something functions; in this case a machine.
  • An environment is the surroundings or conditions in which the system operates.


  • A standard operating environment (SOE) is used to maintain similarity of hardware and software for ease of network administration. 

Advantages of a Standard Operating Environment

  • It's easy to upgrade and maintain software and hardware on multiple computers as they're identical
  • Costs are significantly cut as bulk software licensing and hardware purchases can be made
  • Time to install and maintain the systems is shortened through processes such as Imaging
  • Essential upgrades and fixes can be tested on a small number of systems before rolling out to the network, hence cutting downtime 

Disadvantages of a Standard Operating Environment

  • Users may have to adjust to an operating system or software that they don't often use
  • A network administrator may need to be hired
  • Specialist software is sometimes unavailable

Further Research

  1. The Southern Cross University provides an example of an implemented SOE.

 For You to Do

1. Brainstorm to make up a diagram of the software used at your school. Think of the different places in your school where you do media, music, business studies, AIT, CSC and more.


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