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  • Components in a single table database. 11 GEN


  • A database is a compilation of information that is organized so that it can be easily accessed
  • A table is a structured collection of related data within a database
  • A single table database is a database that consists of only one table


Single Table Database (Example)

  • An example of a single table database is a simple counter. The counter writes its count to a database that contains one table, Table. As the counter increments, the field Counter_Column is updated with the new value, and resets to 0 when reset. The simple database consists of a field value, in the column Counter_Column, in the table Table.


Components of a Single Table Database

  • A table stores mass amounts of information in tabular form
  • A field (or column) show vertically in a table
    • Each column has a column name
    • This column name also presents the field name in a table
    • The column value makes up the field's value
  • A record (or row) holds the particular grouped information for an item in a table
  • A key field is a compulsory unique identifying field given to each record
    • It often consists of a unique numeral, such as a Student ID number

Simple database example



Further Research

  • An introduction to Databases by UCL here
  • Flat file database design vs. Relational database design on DatabaseDev here


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