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  • Usability of digital devices for specified client requirements 12 ATAR


  • usability = users can use it well or not
  • specified client requirements = meets the needs of a particular company or people


  • clients expect devices to  offer portable creation of word processing, internet linking via email, or social networking, ecommerce, education, entertainment
  • clients expect tablets which  include virtual on-screen keyboards, some have hand writing recognition, attachable keyboards
  • clients expect better resolution
  • clients expect faster processing speeds to be able to complete higher processing tasks such as video and image manipulation
  • clients with large/fat fingers expect to be able to use these devices
  • client need, convenience of wireless is critical for modern users, technology anyplace and anytime
  • client need, interactivity so people can engage in email, banking transactions, and more. Can you think of others?
  • client need, personalised. Most users have their own device so music, bookmarks and other settings are personalised
  • client need, location services, so users can locate services nearby, or in their current location



  • Reading. Polycom Data Sheet (or see attached)
  • Analyse the second paragraph in the data sheet above,  "Powerful Innovation". Write down the sentence about how it connects and controls the system.
  • Analyse the third paragraph "Legendary Performance". Write down the last sentence. Be able to tell your teacher in your own words what it means.
  • Analyse the last paragraph. Write down details about encryption and authentication. Be able to tell your teacher in your own words what it means.
  • What user requirement is this Polycom digital device offering clients?



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