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This page updated March 2022


Concept of Social Networking;              11 ATAR, 12 GEN


  • Social networking means locating people, usually friends, and sharing time together.
  • Digital technologies has digitised this process and made it very easy to locate many people and share stories or time together 'online'.
  • Social networking can help locate people with similar interests. This provides immediate source of new friends, without leaving the house.
  • Social networking can help people learn or focus on new ideas. This provides refreshing opportunities for those bored with their current situation.

Social Networking

  • Social networking uses the resources of the internet, digital devices and software to share content.
  • Essential parts of social networking are below.
    • People
      • These are members of the software application who sign up so they can share content.
    • Digital hardware devices
      • This the hardware involved; servers, routers, switches, 4G/5G mobile towers and also the hand held, laptop or desktop devices.
    • Connectivity
      • This is the connectivity that links the hardware devices to the internet to enable sharing.
      • A carrier is the company who provides this. eg Telstra
    • Software apps
      • This is the software loaded onto the digital devices to enable the sharing to occur. eg Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, Snapchat and more.
    • Content to share
      • The data that people share is called the content. This is in the form or text, audio or movie 

 For You To Do

  1. List the 5 essential parts of social networking.
  2. Write a brief description next to each one describing what it is.
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