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Project management techniques including;  11 ATAR / 12 GEN

  • user/client requirements / scope
  • plan of action
  • time management strategies
  • resource requirements
  • evaluation

Project management considerations including; scope, time, resources, client brief 12 GEN


Project management is thinking carefully about how to achieve a short term goal. Then it involves considering what techniques you can use in order to achieve it. This project management information is based on the idea of creating a digital product for a client.

User Requirements / Client Requirements / Scope

  • Who is going to use this digital product? (this is the user)
    • When are they going to use it?
    • How are they going to use it?
    • What are they expecting to see with this type of product?
  • Who (the client) is paying you (the graphic designer) to make it.
    • Where is the client going to put this product?
    • When will they use it?
    • What do they want to see in the product?
    • What are their exact requirements for this product? (they are paying you, so it must be what they want)
  • Scope is the start and finish of your work on this product.
  • Scope means the parts you need to do.
  • Scope means what is in your control to do. What is the scope that others need to do in this project?

Plan of Action

  • Given the scope from above, decide what to do next.
  • Consider the client requirements.
  • Consider the user needs.
  • Make a plan for how to make this digital product.
  • Make a list of what tasks you need to do.
  • Make an action plan
  • Take your action plan back to the client and discuss it. Action Mapping is a trendy consideration.
  • Make a revised action plan which includes what the client really wants.

Time Management Strategies

  • Understand what a time deadline is.
  • keep a list of deadlines for each of the parts of creating your digital product
    • eg brainstorm = 1 hour
    • eg create rough designs = done by Tuesday of this week
    • eg complete client discussions on rough designs = done by Wednesday
  • agree to the deadlines
  • if you don't agree with the deadlines, you need to renegotiate with the client
  • allow for a bit of extra time in your own deadlines, just in case something slows you down
  • break down the large project into smaller projects, each with their own deadlines
  • now the important one - focus on one task at a time and get that one finished.
  • don't be distracted - this is called procrastination and total avoidance of what you should be doing to achieve your deadline
  • learn from mistakes - if you don't meet a deadline, analyse it to find out why it didn't work

Resource Requirements

  • What does the design of this product need?
  • What is it going to look like?
  • Is it a poster that needs to be A4 or A3 or A2 size?
  • What do you need to plan for it?
  • What do you need to actually make it?
  • Make a list of the exact things needed for this product; What software can you use to make it? Do you have to print it out? Upload to the internet?
  • Do you have the skills to make it? Do you need help?
  • Have you got the correct hardware and software to make it happen?
  • Do you need a better camera for video?
  • Can you get the video off your smartphone onto the computer?
  • Can you edit the video? What software is needed for that?


  • You have finished.
  • Time now to have a very close look at your product.
  • Does it meet the needs of the task?
  • Does it need to be changed?
  • Who is going to evaluate it? You? Your friends? A client?
  • Have you got time to change it?
  • If you were to do a similar product again, What would you change? How could you make it better?
  • Write a review of how you would do it better next time.


For you to do.

 1. Use these techniques in completing your tasks for AIT.

2. For time management strategies; identify your procrastination activities. Is it playing video games, watching TV ? Make a list.

3. Make a very quick, rough and ready action plan for how to build a 4 page website for an Aunty's Fitness Club.

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