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The concept and purpose of computer networking, including advantages and disadvantages; 11 ATAR 12 GEN

Concept of Networking

  • the concept of networking is the idea of coming together
  • a computer network is a collection of computers that are joined together
  • it does this by creating links which allow communication between connected devices
  • the link is created though hardware and is setup using software (eg TCP/IP)
  • it involves sending a request to use a network resource, eg asking for a file stored on the server
  • it also involves receiving from the the network resource eg receiving the file
  • networking will continue to work as long as the connections still work

Purpose of Networking

  • to share resources such as; internet, printers, data files, scanners, photocopiers, email, messaging
  • it allows people to stay in touch with friends, work mates, family and more
  • it allows people to do their jobs
  • it allows people to conduct hobbies and much more
  • it allows people to be entertained
  • it is becoming so popular that even parts of our house and car are now networked;fridge, car

Advantages of Networking

  • it is faster to communicate
  • we can communicate from different devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops.
  • to share resources in an office = saving money, ie no need to buy a printer for everyone in the office, just share one.
  • to share resources at school eg a teacher puts a file on the network for the students to download and use OR a student uploads an assignment to a teacher on the school network.
  • to work together on the same project; open the shared project and each person can contribute to it from the one location
  • networked data is available from any computer on the network

Disadvantages of Networking

  • a single point of failure results in a network that doesn't function properly
  • a network administrator must be used
  • security issues; eg a virus can get to the computers which could lead to malfunction
  • privacy issues; eg a virus can get to the computers which could lead to spyware obtained personal details


 For You To Do

  1. Study by writing down the main points in the topics above in your own words.

  2. Study again by reading your notes again > deleting your notes > rewriting your notes > comparing to notes on this webpage
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