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Network topologies for a local area network including; 11 ATAR 12 GEN

  • wired star
  • wireless
  • client / server
  • peer to peer


A network topology is a structure for the network. So a Star network is a structure that looks like a star shape based on the set out of the parts.

A computer not connected to other computers is called a stand-alone computer.

A computer connected to other computers is called a networked computer.

Peer to peer = client to client = user to user = no central server

Wired Star Network

  • has a central point, normally a switch
  • has connections to that switch from outer points, usually computers
  • is the most common shape for a network
  • the central switch then sends the data for those connected computers to a server which provides the data back to those computers. Data such as ; internet uploads and downloads, file saving and much more.

Wireless Network

  • to do this you need 2 things;  a wireless adaptor on your device and a wireless access point
  • laptops have the wireless adaptor or wireless cared built in, as do smartphones
  • the wireless access point then goes to the server and provides resources such as the internet and more.

Client/Server Network

  • a computer network is made up of computers
  • the central computer is called a server
  • all other computers connected to it are called clients
  • the central server provides all the resources for the client computers. Resources like; internet, file saving, printing and more.

Peer to Peer Network

  • a computer network is made up of computers
  • no central computer exists for peer to peer
  • each computer can share a resource eg a printer can be plugged into one, which is then shared to others.
  • a peer computer shares resources and also uses resources

 For You To Do

  1. Create graphics that show the above network configurations.

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