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  • compositional rules; rule of thirds, grid and alignment 11 GEN reading gravity, form of content, 11 ATAR


  • composition = something you make or compose


 1. Rule of Thirds

 Rule of thirds plant


2. Grid and Alignment

  • place objects onto a digital solution, considering placement via a grid 
  • place objects onto a digital solution, lining up the parts in relation to grid
  • in the picture below, the large eyes are placed onto the grid to help line up the eyes

grid snake with eyes x 3

3. Reading Gravity

  • this is the expected direction that the eye moves when reading, top left to bottom right in a z shape
  • place objects to help reading gravity, eg start text top left
  • the red arrows below show the pathway that our eyes follow in order to locate words

 reading gravity Z

4. Form of Content

  • the shape of the expected content
  • a list has a different shape and requires certain layout (see numbered list below)
  • columns have an expected shape (see article below)
  • a heading has an expected shape (see article below)

Image source: Social Media in Schools, 2010, Department of Education WA

 form of content



  1. In future, apply the compositional rules principles to your digital compositions.
  2. Create a document which shows the red squares which make up the 'rule of thirds'. (screen dump if necessary)
  3. Create a second document which shows a grid and placement of smaller images according to the grid.
  4. Upload these document to your eFolio.
Learn more from wikipedia, form of content x 15 has some parts that are useful 
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