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  • Suitability of emerging mobile devices to meet client needs 12 ATAR


  • suitability = right for the purpose
  • meet client needs = meets the needs of a particular company or people


  • Client Need. Convenience of wireless is critical for modern users, device has more functions and capability each year, yet can remain the same size, can put device in pocket or small bag, wireless available most city places, connectivity very reliable
  • Client Need. Interactivity so people can actively engage with apps. email, banking transactions, shopping, taxi and bus services, restaurants and more. Can you think of others?
  • Client Need. Personalised. Most users have their own device, settings designed to meet exact needs of user. ie visibility and hearing impaired can adjust, passwords can be saved to device for quick access to app resources, your own music library is available as is your internet favourites. Can you think of more? Text or voice based??
  • Client Need. Location Services. You can locate services nearby, or in your current location. To find an ATM you can use an app linked to location services. Can you think of more?
  • Client Need. Online mobile payments. Mobile device to be able to make payments wirelessly, replacing credit/debit cards
  • Client Need. Remote control of household items. Can a smartphone change channels on TV, adjust air conditioning, or record your favourite TV show


  • Make a list of needs that a doctor who does house calls in your capital city may have of a mobile device.
  • Make a list of needs that you may have of your mobile device in the next 2 years.


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