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UPDATED March 2022


  • Acknowledgement of the Intellectual Property (IP) owner 11 ATAR, 12 GEN


  • intellect = a high capacity to think
  • intellectual = someone with a high capacity to come up with fine ideas
  • property = a thing or idea belonging to someone
  • intellectual property = an idea or product belonging to someone because of clever thinking
  • trademark = a symbol or word legally registered to someone
  • patent = the right to ownership of something for a period of time
  • acknowledgement = recognition of


  • is the ownership of ideas
  • includes trademarked, patented and copyright
  • examples are photos, software, movies and much more
  • piracy of software and movies is losing money for bands and companies
  • resulted in anti-piracy laws
  • intellectual property rights are the rights for IP owners to sell their materials
  • acknowledging IP owner is acknowledging the idea came from that person or company
  • protect the data in the workplace as much as possible (discuss with your teacher)
  • protect data = protect intellectual property


Answer these questions

1. Should rock stars or movie makers allow anyone to copy their music or movies and listen to it for free? Why? or Why not?
2. If you worked on making movies or song writing as your job, would you like to give away your movies or songs? Why or Why not?
3. What is acknowledgement of the Intellectual Property owner?
4. Write down 5 ways to protect data in an organisation


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