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Features of spread sheet applications for personal use;              11 GEN

  • simple formulas; multiplication, subtraction, addition, subtraction
  • functions; sum, average, max, min
  • formatting and graphs

Simple formulas

  • use the symbols; + for plus, - for minus, / for divide, * for multiplication
  • use grid-like references called cell references
  • eg =A1 + A2   this will give the sum of the number in cell A1 and the number in A2.


  • a function is an automatic formula
  • it automatically does what its name suggests
  • eg =SUM(A1:A2)   this function will add A1 and A2
  • eg =SUM(A1:A2000)  this function will add all numbers A1 through A2000
  • another function is =AVERAGE(A1:A2000) this will give the average of all the numbers
  • another function is =MAX(A1:2000) this will give the maximum number from all these numbers
  • another function is =MIN(A1:2000) this will give the minimum number from all these numbers

Formatting and Graphs

  • Formatting can be done on labels.
  • You can format in the following ways
    • bold
    • italic
    • alignment left, centre, right
    • font colour, size and more


  • a graph is used to show a visual representation of numbers.
  • to make a graph
    • highlight the numbers to use
    • choose insert > graph


 For You To Do

  1. Start making spreadsheets and experimenting with formatting and graphs. Your teacher will provide you with more details.
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