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Components of a design process to develop a digital product including;  11 GEN

  • identify a need
  • schedule of tasks (timeline)
  • research ideas
  • specifications
  • develop solutions
  • test solutions
  • modify and adapt
  • evaluate


Project management is thinking carefully about how to achieve a short term goal. Then it involves considering how to achieve it.

Identify a Need

  • look for a purpose for the digital product
  • which person/group will need it; student services at school, a local football club
  • why will they need it
  • is it a website that a person would like to make
  • is it a poster that a person needs to advertise an event

Schedule of Tasks

  • brainstorm to see what tasks need to happen to make the product
  • make a list of the tasks
  • identify who is going to do each task, is it the same person for everything, can you get expert help from friends or the community
  • when should the tasks be completed by
  • make a timeline so you can see the timings for the tasks

Research Ideas

  • for each task, see what ideas you can find out
  • are there exact products for you to get ideas from
  • are there other products that are similar to get ideas from
  • ask your friends for ideas
  • write these down in a brainstorm, or list
  • Who is going to use the product?, What do they want to see?
  • Where is it going to be used?, What do these products usually look like?


  • What does the design of this product need?
  • What is it going to look like?
  • Is it a poster that needs to be A4 or A3 or A2 size?
  • What do you need to make it?
  • Make a list of the exact things needed for this product; What software can you use to make it? Do you have to print it out? Upload to the internet?

Develop Ideas

  • Make up at least 2 rough sketches for this design
  • Think about different ways of how to make it look
  • Make notes around your sketches to help explain the parts of the sketches
  • Use arrows to point to the parts of the sketch you are explaining

Develop Solutions

  • Choose which or your rough sketches to use
  • Consider the research ideas and specifications above
  • You are ready to start making your product

Test Solutions

  • Start making your design
  • Use your chosen design sketch as a guide
  • Ask for help with the software if you need help

Modify and Adapt

  • While making it, ask your teacher or friends for feedback.
  • eg Does this look like it will be a good poster for our Athletics Carnival coming up soon
  • If you think their feedback will make a better product, then modify to adapt their ideas.


  • You have finished.
  • Time now to have a very close look at your product.
  • Does it meet the needs of the task?
  • Does it need to be changed?
  • Have you got time to change it?
  • If you were to do a similar product again, What would you change? How could you make it better?


For you to do.

 1. Use these steps in the design process to create your digital designs.

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