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Online data storage methods; data warehouses, data marts, data in the cloud  12ATAR


  • Saving data online is very convenient, especially if you use different devices in different locations.
  • For example you may start a document in google docs on your laptop at school or work, then continue working on the document on your ipad while on the bus or on the way home.
  • It is very reliable for ease of access.For example in the old days, if you left your homework at home, you could not hand it in. But now you can log into the cloud, download your homework and hand it in.
  • Individual and companies often use the 'cloud'.
  • Data warehouses and data marts are different. Yes they are used for storage of data, but they have other major advantages. (see below) 


  • a data warehouse collects large amounts of data
  • stores and manages data for a company
  • this is to do analysis on that data (data mining) for financial or other gain
  • works alongside and with data mining
  • often inside a data warehouse you will find a large bank of very modern, high end computers with a large database (Relational DataBase Management System RDBMS), and software called Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) database.
  • users need this data and can get it from the central data warehouse, or from smaller collection points called data marts


  • a collection point of data from a data warehouse
  • usually has data for a specific topic
  • a data warehouse may have 40 or 50 data marts, each offering different data


  • storing data in the cloud requires 3 things.
    • an internet connection
    • a username and password
    • accepting a user agreement
  • examples of cloud storage are google docs, oneDrive, dropbox, iCloud, Facebook and more
  • the cloud is actually a collection of servers that store and transmit data
  • Upload - you can upload your files,
  • download - you can download your files
    • advantage - no need to buy the software
    • advantage - can be used from any device with an internet connection
    • advantage - compatible with most devices and operating systems
    • advantage - updates transfer automatically across devices eg calendar, email, notes, messages
    • disadvantage - security problems
    • disadvantage - privacy issues
    • disadvantage - ownership of your data



  1. Choose points from above and write notes in your course notes on these 3 online storage methods
  2. What is the difference between a data warehouse and a data mart?
  3. What is the key difference between a data warehouse and cloud storage?


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