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System utility tools and accessories for the efficient operation and maintenance of data including; disk clean-up tool, deletion of temporary files/internet cache, disk defragmentation, anti-malware, virus, SPAM and spyware 11 ATAR, 12 GEN



  • Defrag = this is the process of rearranging files on a hard disk so that they're contiguous (or adjoining). This allows faster access time for files to display on your screen.


    • Choose Analyse disk
    • After analysis it will say yes to defragment, or defragment is not needed.
    • If needed, click Defragment disk (it could take several hours depending on the size of the disk, use Configure schedule if desired)
    • Defrag a mac??? Read HERE


  • Disk Cleanup = A maintenance computer program that analyses a computer disk and cleans them with your confirmation. The type of files included in the cleanup are temp program files and temp internet files. Also broken links, offline webpages, the recycle bin, and more as per the picture below.

  • For Win7... go to Start > search for Disk Cleanup > in the box that comes up tick the boxes you choose > click Ok


TCTdiskCleanUpSure Then the files you chose are deleted.

  • Anti-malware = this is software that is used to ensure the protection of your computer. It searches for and removes any malicious software (aka Malware), and can even prevent you from installing it accidentally

  • SPAM Filter= when someone mass emails the same email to many people in order to benefit. Spammers get email addresses from chat rooms, websites, customer lists and more
  • Spyware = is software that gains your private information from your computing activities without you knowing it is happening



  1. What can you do to keep a computer well maintained and efficient?

  2. What are the system utilities in Windows computers that can help keep your computer data in an efficient order?

  3. What software would you use to keep your data safe?


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