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  • data and information security related to personal or sensitive information 12 ATAR


The increase of mobile devices, fibre optic networks and terabytes of data moving around the internet has led to the ability for personal data to be spread into places never before imagined. Who would have thought that we can learn so much on the internet? How much information is out there, about you?

Personal Information

  • is information or opinion that can be linked back to an individual
  • is private details such as date of birth, address, work place, email address

Sensitive Information

is information or opinion about…

  • race or ethnic origin
  • religious beliefs
  • criminal record
  • health details
  • bank details

Why Protect this Information?

  • to prevent physical harm
  • to prevent embarrassment
  • to protect privacy
  • to prevent stalking, hacking

Data and Information Security

At the individual level…

  • consider what you put online
  • do you use your real name online?
  • what are the privacy settings you use online
  • you hold your privacy in your own hands,
  • do you know the impact that technology can have on you

At the business level…

  • who is in control of your data..
    • e.g. photos on Facebook, Facebook have rights to use them
    • e.g. photos on Twitter, Twitter have rights to use them
  • cloud computing means data is now no longer stored locally
  • which country is your data located
  • what privacy laws are applicable to your data in that country
  • health professionals and other businesses are required, by law, to keep sensitive information secure


For You to Do

1. Make a list of internet memberships you have. OR Do a class brainstorm of internet memberships.

2. Under each one write yes or no, if you can remember the Terms of Use. Did you read the Terms of Use?

3. Explain how you can maintain better control of your personal information.

4. Write a paragraph titled My Digital Footprint and Security.

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