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The elements of design appear on your paper or screen.

Syllabus Link

line, shape, space, texture, colour 11 GEN, 12 GEN, 3D form, tone 11 ATAR

Texture is an element.

  • is the surface
  • touch it , see it, taste it = 3D texture
  • food has texture, soft, crisp, creamy, crunchy
  • real texture = we can feel it
  • digital design is pretend texture by colour, tone or line = 2D texture
  • often includes repeating an element or pattern
  • smooth, rough, slimy, prickly, soft, hard, spiky, velvety
  • texture = visual interest


 Meanings can be attached to texture

  • links to memory of that material
  • timber = rough
  • glass and metal = cool, calm
  • soft texture like cushions = warm
  • prickly = danger

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