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The elements of design appear on your paper or screen.

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line, shape, space, texture, colour 11 GEN, 12 GEN, 3D form, tone 11 ATAR

A shape is an element.

  • shape = closed line surrounds an area
  • shape = can see it with colour, texture or value
  • shape = defined boundary
  • 2 types = free form and/or geometric
  • geometric = describe mathematically, very regular, often found in man-made things
  • free-form = difficult to describe, often irregular, often found in nature
  • all objects have shape = line is a very long narrow shape
  • positive shape = positive space, the background is the negative space (blue in image below)



 Meanings can be attached to shapes

  • shapes can organise
  • add interest
  • sustain interest
  • direct the eye

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