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  • purpose of peripheral devices 11 GEN
  • types of peripheral devices 11 ATAR, 12 GEN


  • peripheral = can attach to a computer, but not essential
  • device = computing hardware
  • peripheral device = hardware that attaches to the computer to complete an additional function


  • a peripheral device needs the computer to work
  • a peripheral device cannot work without the computer
  • the purpose of a peripheral device is to allow a computer to do an additional function
  • additional functions include putting photos onto your computer, checking email and lots more
  • categorised into input, output, storage, communication
  • input = provides data to the computer eg keyboard, mouse, scanner, router/modem
  • output = provides information from the computer, eg printer, screen, USB


  1. What is the purpose of a peripheral device?
  2. List as many items as you can under the categories input devices and output devices
  3. If you have time, collect photos from the internet to enhance your list. 
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